Beam 2 + AppleTV with AirPlay Only?

  • 30 October 2022
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Slowly upgrading my home theater setup. I have a ceiling projector with HDMI in but no optical or HDMI out. If this works I’m planning to update from a Roku to Apple TV and old stereo setup to a Beam Gen 2. Due to my projector’s limitations and the fact that it’s on the ceiling across the room I’m hoping that I can project while streaming the audio via Airplay. I recognize this isn’t the ideal setup (a new projector comes later) and I would have to turn on the beam and select airplay each time but would it even work for TV/movies or is the delay too much or I just really don’t understand and have to have the HDMI in?

Thanks in advance for any input. I’ve searched this a bit but haven’t found my exact situation or it’s from a few years ago and the answer isn’t for the latest hardware.

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