Automatic switching between surround and line in with Sonos Amp

  • 12 March 2023
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I just finished my AV setup as follows: TV w/ HDMI cable to Sonos Arc, plus Sonos Sub and Sonos Amp connected via ethernet (and wifi). I have a turntable and CD player going into a switch that’s connected to the Amp’s line in.  I also have 2 satellite speakers connected to the Sonos Amp.

I’ve been able to get the satellite speakers to work as surround by putting all 3 devices in 1 “room” on the app. I’ve also been able to get the turntable and CD player to play through the line in by creating a 2nd “room”, assigning the Sub and Amp to it, and then enabling both room1 and room2 during playback. To go back to watching TV, I have to reassign the Sub and the Amp to room1.

My question is this: Is there a way to save these 2 configurations in the app, or some alternate setup, that makes it easy to switch between the two?  Having to reassign the products to different “rooms” each time you want to switch between the line-in media and TV is quite cumbersome.


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3 replies

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Unfortunately there isn’t. What you are currently doing is the only way.

If I return the Amp and replace it with a Sonos Port, I should be able to have all products playing the audio from the line in, right?  (Basically I’m giving up on reusing my existing satellite speakers. I’m thinking of exchanging the Amp for a Port plus 2 Sonos One SL.  The key is that there’s no reconfiguration required to switch between the line-in media and TV.  Since all products are in the same physical room, I want all (Arc+Sub+2 One SLs) to be playing either the line-in media or TV, either automatically or a single button press in the app.)


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Yes, the best option would be to add a pair of One SLs to use as dedicated surrounds with your Arc and Sub. Then you could use either the Amp or a Port with the turntable and CD player as a separate zone that can also be played through the Arc setup.