Auto Group Arc TV sound to Amp?

  • 30 April 2021
  • 1 reply

Is it possible to have the TV sound coming through an Arc, auto group to a Sonos Amp that is not connected as surround? I would like for my TV sound to play through the Amp connected to the kitchen ceiling speakers, when I turn on the TV.

The issue is that when the news is on the TV, there is no surround information, therefore there's no sound when using the Amp in surround mode. Also when listening to the cable music channels through the TV, only surround sound effects come out of the kitchen ceiling speakers. 

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1 reply

If the Amp is set as a separate Sonos Room, you can manually group it with the Arc and it should stay grouped if you switch off ‘Ungroup on Autoplay’ in the Arc’s room settings under "Settings/System/[ArcRoom Name]”.

The rooms may occasionallyungroup however, during firmware updates or reboot/power-cycling of either Sonos device.

If using Amazon Alexa with Sonos, then Alexa ‘enabled’ groups can be utilised to auto-group preferred speakers, but it’s just as easy to group the two manually and leave them grouped.