Audio In - Pause Burst

  • 25 June 2017
  • 3 replies

I recently bought a new LG OLED55C7V and connected to my Sonos 5.1 set up. I have a Sky+ plus box connected to the TV via HDMI and the TV connected to Sonos through optical. Yesterday the same configuration was sending Dolby Digital 5.1 however it is now sending Pause Burst. I have submitted diagnostic: 7532025.

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3 replies

'Pause burst' means what it says. Usually this is because the source (e.g. set top box) has been paused.
The source is playing live TV and the audio in is still showing "Pause Burst". Do you know what else could be causing this?
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Are you getting the "Pause Burst" when watching via the Sky + Box, watching using the TV tuner, watching apps on the TV.

Either way I would be inclined to reset the TV to factory default and set-up again. As Ratty said - If the Sonos controller is reporting Pause Burst and you have no sound from the Playbar then it's a problem with the source or the TV.

You could test the Playbar is working properly by connecting the Optical out to the Sky+ Box