Audio Extractor problem for Projector and Beam Gen1

  • 10 December 2022
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Help please:

I’ve just purchased a Beam Gen1 so I can finally use some Play 1s as home theatre setup, Beam and play1s are set up and playing music nicely in the room.

I have now placed an Amazon Basics Audio Extractor between MacBook and BenQ W2000 projector and then the Sonos Optic to HDMI adaptor connected to the Optic port of the Audio Extractor, HDMI cable then runs to to the Beam mounted above the projected screen.


However the sound still goes to the projector instead of the Beam. Everything has power


Reviews on the Amazon Basics Audio Extractor suggest it should work:


Am I missing something?



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4 replies

Hi  What is the source of your content and how are extractor and projector connected to it? Mac Book is sole source? 

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I suspect that this is a set-up issue on your Mac or Audio Extractor- of which I know nothing!.  As a test, if you remove the Projector connection but leave the Beam connected to the Audio Extractor does the Audio output correctly?

What audio out of the MacBook are you using? What format?

I recently bought a Fire Stick 4K max for under £30 and it streams everything.  Worth considering if the Mac Book has problems. 

John B

macbook via HDMI cable into the Audi extractor, then HDMI projector and optical Adaptor out to HDMI Cable to the beam.  I’ll take on board your suggestion about a Firestick 👍


UK Media: We’ll not quite sure what happened but I followed your advice and disconnected the Projector HDMI from the extractor - no joy except the MacBook recognised the extractor - then plugged back in the projector HDMI and a Eureka the Beam fired into sound and no sound delay to the image.


Thank you both 👍