Audio Dropouts/No sound on Arc on XBox Series X connected to Sony 900H

  • 18 November 2020
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I’m losing my mind over here :)

I have an Arc + Sub (gen 3) + pair of One SLs connected to a Sony Bravia 900h TV on the latest firmware with the 2.1 HDMI features. When the TV  is set to run at 60hz the sound works fine. When I switch the TV to 120hz my audio drops or I get no sound at all when selecting Atmos output on the Xbox Series X. Switching to Dolby Digital or 5.1 uncompressed works fine. 

Anyone else out there struggling with the Series X and the Sony 900h? I know Sony is having issues with this particular firmware version but I’d like to rule my Sonos system out as part of the problem. 


Best answer by controlav 28 November 2020, 16:33

This is a known issue with the Sony, they are working on it.

Not a Sonos or Xbox issue.

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My Sonos Arc just got delivered today and I’m having the exact same trouble. Sony 900h, Series X, Sonos Arc. Weird thing for me is the Arc works great with just the 900h through apps. Audio only drops on Series X in 120hz mode.

Same issue on the x950c or costcos version. Weird thing is that it was working just fine 2 day ago but when I booted it up this morning there was no sound until I changed it back to 60hz.

Same problem here. Sony X950H.




I have just purchases a full sonos set, Arc/Sub/2x ones, also a new Sony X950H, the problem is, i am trying to get Atmos or at least DD 5.1 plus, with no success, either using the built in Android on Sony TV (also the audio cuts out, but i think that is a known Sony issue) and the new Chromecast with Google TV. any ideas?  

This is happening for me also at 120 Hz

Same issue with x900H for me. 

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This is a known issue with the Sony, they are working on it.

Not a Sonos or Xbox issue.

Something I tried..weird but works. I tried everything then i stumbled across a nifty workaround. I also have issues with 4k 120 and atmos only with my new console on my x900h.  I synced my headphones and the drop outs stopped. Ask me why and I could not tell you.  Your headphones have to be turned on and synced with the xbox in order for it to work. Like I said extremely weird but it stopped dropping out. Turn your headphones down put them to the side and enjoy the atmos experience lol. I really hope they fix this soon.