audio comes back on, after turning TV off.

  • 16 September 2021
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This issue just started happening last week.  I have an Arc & 2 SLs connected as surrounds.  When I turn off the TV using my Xfinity remote, the TV goes off & the audio stops briefly.  After about 3 seconds the lights on the speakers turn green & the audio feed comes back on.  I cannot get it off… have been muting it.  Any ideas?


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3 replies

What TV is it connected to?

Has that TV had its firmware updated? 

The Arc receives its signal through ARC on the HDMI connection (unless you’re using the optical adapter, which could point to a different issue). If the TV continues to send an ARC signal to the Sonos Arc, it will continue to play. For some reason, your TV is not ‘killing’ the ARC output via HDMI.

Makes sense.  It is a Vizio E60-E3.  Firmware is up to date.

Odd, I’ve got two Vizios, although not that model, and certainly neither is showing that behaviour. You may want to try a reboot of the TV by unplugging it from the wall for two minutes, then plugging it back in.

Which is the only safe way to reboot a TV’s OS, oddly enough, just turning it off with a remote or the buttons on the side really just put it in ‘sleep’ mode, waiting for a command from the remote.

It could be the OS is in an ‘odd’ way, due to some odd reason. The TV should be shutting off the ARC stream when it powers off.