ATMOS - Request! Would you buy new speaker if SONOS would release new playbar??

  • 15 November 2017
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Just trying to figure out how to engage Community to push sonos for atmos implementation.

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34 replies

DTS licenses Play-Fi, a direct competitor to SonosNet. For Sonos to license DTS would be supporting its competitor. Not something they are likely to do without compelling business reasons. Especially considering Sonos is focused on streaming, and DTS is primarily available on disks.

Personally, I find the sound effects on modern movies to be a huge distraction from the dialogue, and have little use for all these sound processing systems. Give me a movie with a great story, skip all the effects, please.
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Is it not the case that regardless of all these old, new and wonderful formats that even though sonos does it things “it’s own simple way” .. are the results not sufficient?.

No. It’s not sufficient for a $1700 home theater system. Not even close.

If your main criteria is “better sound than the tv” there are a host of options at less than half the price that Support modern audio codecs.

Sonos just should not be calming this as a home theater solution. It’s fine for wireless, stereo audio, but is still many times the cost of similar offerings.
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All streamers are going to be supporting everything you throw at them, why SONOS doesn't jump ahead is ridiculous. Their argument that their customers only stream is also ridiculous. The day I bought my playbar i also made sure to buy a frickin bluray to have best quality possible. Its ridiculous to drop almost 2k on a living room full of sonos to not have features i'd get in a $200 receiver (at least for DTS anyhow). If you only support DTS or some form of atmos with 5.1 systems that'd be fine. I'll definitely be waiting to upgrade other viewing rooms until full support is available.

But the question is, the sound that it delivers already, is it not sufficient? I mean, thrown all your DTS and God knows what else that is down converted somehow somewhere along the way, but are you so unhappy with what you actually hear? What do you actually want to hear that is so different than you already hear? Will the dialog be crisper, will the surround effects be cleaner or more special. Do Sonos need a playbar that delivers anything other than it already delivers.

I don’t think you understand how audio processing and decoding works in a multi-speaker setup.

Just because sound is coming from all the speakers does not mean anything.

Additionally, listening to an MP3 vs a hi-res audio file is not the same.

That is effectively what is happening here. Scaled-down version of the audio at best and no audio whatsoever at worst. That is not acceptable.
I have an LG 65E7P OLED as well as a Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play 5s in my living room. Now that I have a TV which supports Dolby Atmos, and content is becoming available I really want a Playbar that supports Atmos (as well as the other formats currently missing). I've been considering the Yamaha YSP-5600, but love the quality of the sound I get through Sonos and the streaming. Sonos, please sort it out... you're seriously falling behind. I've heavily invested in your products, but people like me will start finding better options if you don't innovate.
^ but what about the very people that buy Sonos because ifs SIMPLE. Surely these outweigh you guys desiring ATMOS and the necessity to have 50 speakers situated around your room. To be honest, it’s ridiculous. It’s neved going to take off beyond 5.1 which is more than enough for people who want better sound sound than a TV. However many years in, I can’t think of that many friends who even having 5.1. Yet here you are talking as if ATMOS warning buyers are keeping Sonos afloat. No, simple design and good sound for better than your TV is. Sure, they can uodste if.. but let’s be reasonable about who it’s aimed at to begin with.
Why not have an advanced PlayBar for those of us, and there are many who want the advanced features and continue supporting the current one for those who like the simplicity. Sonos with its hefty price is a premium product.
I would truly love a hometheater hub/Sonos AVR type product with multiple HDMI inputs, support for advanced audio codecs, Amazon Alexa on board, and possibly a connect amp type feature giving users the ability to add height speakers for atmos/dts x. Even without the connect amp feature maybe a nice angled speaker stand for us to position play ones for the height channels allowing for a full 5.1.2 atmos/dts x setup. The new CEO stated somewhere I was reading that releasing the playbase with just an optical port and no Alexa was not what he would have done, so I think there is reason for hope. I know if a product like this was released in the $400-600 range it wouldn’t sell like hotcakes but would sell far better then they think it would. And If they do release a product like this sonos can atleast count me in for the hub and two more play ones haha!
Yes if it integrated with my current Sonos system. Please. 7.1 and atmos support would be awesome. And please allow me to turn off the rear channel speakers on a PlayBar.
I see a lot of people complaining about other people's preferences with respect to their deployment of Sonos systems.

YES, SONOS is supposed to be SIMPLE! We get it. But it is supposed to be more than that. It always has been.

Do most people care about supporting the latest and greatest features? NO.

But if Sonos is supposed to be the END ALL BE ALL SPEAKER or positioned anywhere near that, then it needs to cater also to those that have (even more) money to throw around (like "basic" Sonos customers) and that want "more advanced" features supported by a number of providers now.

That means ATMOS and/ or DTS.

I know many audio/ video hard core fans and they have all but convinced me that an Atmos experience is not only superior and fun, but something I should seriously consider buying into. I will never spend as much as they suggest on large numbers of speakers, because I don't need that kind of experience. But, as I understand it, even sound bars with Atmos are already a pretty great improvement when the Atmos experience is supported. If I have a Sonos household, why wouldn't I want Sonos to release something that fits into it?

I am fine going elsewhere, I don't live or die by attachments to brands, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer one solution over another.

If Sonos were to release an Atmos/DTS compatible sound bar today, I would hands down buy it today. As it stands, I'm considering alternate brands. This means having to weigh smart speaker systems (now that Alexa enabled is a thing), form factor, performance, and price points ALONG WITH SUPPORT FOR "advanced features" such as Atmos and/or DTS.