Arc with traditional sub woofer

  • 22 July 2021
  • 2 replies

I have a Sonos Arc paired with 2 Play 5s … I also have a Gamut Dana subwoofer lying with me which I want to add to the setup … can I use the optical out of the Tv to connect the Gamut by using a 5.1 audio sound decoder converter to 5.1 ch analog audio ?

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2 replies

No, generally speaking that’s not possible. You should check your TV, but frequently when using CEC connections, the optical output is turned off. Depending on how your TV manufacturer implemented CEC of course, some are not as rigorous as others.

There could be sync concerns too, although it shouldn’t be substantial, it may be enough to be concerning. 

And then there is the expense of a device connected to the optical port that can take a full Dolby Digital signal (and won’t work at all with Dolby Atmos) that can split out just the LFE channel and send it to the subwoofer.

In general, I wouldn’t spend the money to even try this, but YMMV. Certainly no guaranties that it would even work. 

There would be some vexing time alignment issues. Given enough hardware, I suppose one could do this, but I personally would not waste my  time on such a project.