Arc with LG OLED GX - TV setup

  • 12 December 2020
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I’m having trouble setting up my Arc with my new LG GX. 

I am running through HDMI-ARC. The sound is playing through the bar, and it’s receiving an Atmos signal (I can see the logo in the app). 

However, there are two issues: (1) Sonos app tells me there is a “connection issue” with my TV setup, and (2) the TV remote cannot change the volume on the Arc. 

For (1), we have tried the Sonos app troubleshooting, but it cannot resolve it. 

I have submitted diagnostic number 551452744. 

Thank you for your help,


30 replies

I checked the box and it says HDMI 2.0. Where I purchased them they assured me it will work with tv & arc but obviously not. Do you think this is the issue?

I'm not an expert in this subject but i think you should check with another cable if this problem persist. Did you check the settings in audio TV?

Font forget not all the content is atmos.. Only few for now..

Hi after hard resetting the TV all is OK…

What  do you mean by not getting atmos? What content?and where from?

I reset my tv and went through the set up of my lg oled C1. Still doesn’t work. I get sound but the Sonos app doesn’t recognise the connection and volume control not working. I tried Sonos, Phillips, home theater and Bluetooth/soundbar.

FWIW the Dolby atmos is disabled when I have hdmi 2/arc selected (is that normal?).

Hi Sonos Arc + GX,

Just hooked up my LG 65GX to my Sonos Arc with Sub G3 + pair of Ones - enabled eARC and all good. Getting Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos from selected Netflix content including Our Planet with David A.


Turns out my issue was having my Mac connected via the mini port not the regular hdmi. Once I switched everything works.