Arc/Sub/One SL have Dolby Atmos sound drop outs

  • 9 July 2022
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After a year of trying to figure out why I would have 1 or so seconds of complete sound drop when watching atmos content every 10-25 minutes, I found a thread that fixed it. Setup is a Samsung Q80, Apple TV 4K, Sonos Arc/Sub/Ones. In the Apple TV 4K, turning off match frame rate made the sound drops go away. From what I read, when/if the frame rate reconciles the sound drops. Hopefully this helps others as it took finding the right thread to fix it a year later! Good luck all!

1 reply

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Hi @C Bart 

Thanks for your post - I’m sure it will be super-useful to someone!

It might be worth reporting that to Apple and Samsung, if you - or someone else - haven’t already.