Arc exact center tweeter location

  • 17 April 2021
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I have severe high frequency vocal sibilance distortion. Had it bad with both Arc and Beam. Lowering treble to minimum or TruePlay doesn't help much. The problem is my auditory perception. Someone advised to place a bath towel over Beam. I thought it was a joke. It's no joke. The thick fabric absorbs much HF energy while the midrange mostly passes through. Works better than any treble adjustment for me. So now I want to implement this on Arc. Since it is so wide I would like to target the center tweeter and tape a piece of fabric. Does anyone know the exact tweeter location in the center? Right the middle where it says Sonos or slightly to the left? Slightly right? Can't make it out exactly from this,h_1800,c_limit/Gear-Sonos-Arc---Exploded-View.jpg

 I would appreciate only concrete helpful replies. If you want to make a mockery of this ancient EQ technique or comments about sound quality id prefer private messages.


Thanks to anyone who can help. 



Best answer by GuitarSuperstar 18 April 2021, 05:50

The tweeter is to the left of the Sonos logo:


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The tweeter is to the left of the Sonos logo:


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The tweeter is to the left of the Sonos logo:


Aren't you a helper. 


Thank you so much!