• 14 January 2022
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Just posting this for those who may experience a similar problem.

I replaced my Sonos Beam with a Sonos Arc.

My typical TV viewing is FUBO, Netflix, Prime, and YouTube.  We mostly watch FUBO during the day for news and sports and the other services for movies and series at night.

The Beam was connected to a Samsung QN90A HDMI eARC port.  The Beam worked fine.

When I connected the Sonos Arc to the same port, FUBO audio was cutting out for 5-10 seconds every minute or so.  Netflix and the rest were fine.

I spent two hours on the phone with Sonos with 3 different techs and got nowhere.  They tried, but in the end, did not fix the issue.  One solution they had me do was to connect the Sonos ARC via an Ethernet cable to my router. I complied but as I thought about, it made no sense.

I finally solved the issue by changing the setting on the TV so that the HDMI ARC port was set to regular ARC and not eARC. If I watch anything but FUBO, I switch it back to eARC to get the full sound.

I contacted FUBO and they were useless.  They said FUBO is not compatible with Sonos sandbars and that I should unplug the sound bar and use the TV speakers.

Here is a link with some Info on eARC and why it is best to use that when you can.





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