Arc - CEC TV power off not working


I have Sonos Arc connected to TV LG 55LB650V via HDMI-ARC. Other stuff (e.g. AppleTV4K) connected to TV's HDMI. All 1.4 cables, sw updated, SimpLink on.

I know it's old TV 🙂, but CEC works on HDMI-ARC - TV falls asleep well when AppleTV is connected here and I poweroff it. Not with Sonos Arc.

Other CEC actions (power on, HDMI# switching) works with Arc as well.


I also try using API:

POST /players/{playerId}/homeTheater/tvPowerState

Sending parameter tvPowerState:

ON - response "{}" (=ok) ... TV wakes up - good.

STANDBY - response "{}" (=ok) ... but nothing happen on my LG TV


Any idea?




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It’s quite possibly a design feature of the LG TV, in that it can only be powered off with its own LG remote.

Some manufacturers like LG did this back in 2015. It was to stop users who had been watching Movies on a HDMI-CEC connected player switching off the TV with a peripherals ’remote’, as most folk, when they finished watching (say) a movie, wanted to switch off the connected player only and then return to the TV’s built-in tuner, or cable box, to continue watching.

So the HDMI-CEC "TV Power Off" function was disabled meaning only the LG TV remote could switch off the TV. I have the same issue with an old LG28MT48S TV. You should find the "TV Power On” control and other CEC commands like volume control/mute will still work fine.



sorry I didn’t mention it. I don’t use the LG remote at all. I use AppleTV remote only. So the AppleTV box is able to poweroff this LG TV over HDMI-CEC.