Arc as rear surround,exclusively for music paired wit 2 Play 5's and Sub

  • 19 October 2020
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Hi folks,

Just wanted to float this idea…..I currently have 2 Play 5’s(Gen 2) paired with a Gen 2 Sub and use it exclusively for music…...Very happy,but I just came from a friend’s home,who has the same set up,but uses a Playbar for surround sound.

I had always been a 2 channel stereo guy,but his set up blew me away….and...mine is no slouch!

The overall engulfment of the listener was shockingly good…….

I am thinking of adding the Arc to the rear of my set up,but “not for TV”! Just audio.

The placement would be just behind the listener’s head,14 feet behind,but about 12 inches down from the ceiling area.i figure(if this is viable) that the output from the arc would give a very immersive presentation.

Obviously,I’d have to point the main Arc front speakers downward,but I “think” this could work quite well….Would love some input from you guys(except one,who shall go un-named).

Much thanks-:)

3 replies

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I’m no expert, but I am guessing that to do this you would need to “Group” the rear Arc with the front 5’s and Sub to achieve what you are describing. But that sounds like a real waste for the Arc as I think all you would be getting is a stereo sound stage out of it. You might as well use a pair of Ones or Fives to achieve the same effect.

Or, if you do have a TV in the same room consider using the Arc in the front of the room and put your Play 5’s at the rear as part of a home theater surround setup. I have this setup and it does make for a great music listening experience once you accept that the main body of sound is coming from behind you. But our seating is arranged in a U shape around the central TV, so unless you are sat on the couch  directly facing the Arc, the sound stage isn’t a big problem. For music playback in the Surround Audio I have the surround speakers set to Full rather than Ambient and, the music level slider set at maximum.  

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Thanks for taking the time to reply to me Lohr…..I “do want a stereo effect”,but because the Arc would be behind me,I think I’d get a really engulfing/dynamic effect….That’s what I’m after…..Hopefully!

Best regards

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Oh,forgot to add that the Arc fits the wall space in the area I’m thinking of putting it,far better than speakers...The WAF(wife acceptance factor) comes into play too….Ha!