Arc, 2 Subs, and Play 5’s for surrounds

  • 31 December 2020
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I have a Arc, sub, and play ones as surrounds. I am debating on getting another sub for the system and play 5’s as surround speakers. I listen to a lot of music and my living room is very open with about 12 ft ceilings. Does anyone else have this configuration? 

4 replies

I would vote for this, especially for action movies.

In general, rooms such as this can be problematic because they are typically very ‘live’. By this I mean that there are probably no rugs or drapes and there are sparse furnishings. This causes sounds to travel around the room multiple times before they are absorbed. Essentially each new sound is colliding with sounds emitted in the past. This time interval is known as “reverberation time”. Excessive reverberation creates a jumble of sound for the human. FIVE’s and an additional SUB will add more body to the sound, but any reverberation issues will remain.

If you have heavy drapes, keep them closed when you want the best sound.

How does the room sound now?

I found this really interesting. Thank you. I have Arc 2xPlay 5 and 1x sub in a 8m x 8m room with a lot of glass. Wanted to ask if how I can listen to music as it suggests that when I set it up it disables airplay… Novice. 

Apologies forgot to ask. It doesn’t mention hardwiring all speakers only WiFi. I am hardwiring all speakers. I assume I set up as normal and above will work with 4k tv? Nick

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I have a 2x sub 2x5 setup with a playbar. Works great for movies. Waiting on delivery of an Arc to test out that as the final upgrade.