AppleTV (4th Gen), Projector, and Sonos

  • 14 April 2017
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Hi All,

I've been doing a little research on how to best create a Sonos set up for a home theater using a projector. Here's what I've got and what I'm thinking and would love to know if anyone has tried something similar with success or some other thoughts:

AppleTV (4th generation, w/o Optical)
Kinivio HDMI switch box
Optoma H180X projector ( )

I've currently got the AppleTV and BluRay HDMI input to the Kinivio switch box. Kinivio switch box HDMI out directly to Optoma projector. Decent computer speakers from projector's 3.5mm mini jack audio output. Here's what I'm thinking to do:

Same Kinivio HDMI switch box as above, with its HDMI output to HDMI wireless transmitter such as the Nyrius Aries ( ). The Aries receiver would of course then connect to the HDMI input of the projector. I would get audio out via the projector's 3.5mm mini-jack, but use a cable that converts to RCA male ends, and plug into Sonos Connect. Using either my own router (Airport Extreme) or a Sonos Boost, I could wirelessly connect the Sonos Connect to Play1/3/5 speakers by the screen (ideally, at some point, going towards 5.1 but not necessary).

Is this set up tempting fate with too many variables and various signal processing to be reliable?

Plan B would be to just use more wires: Kinvio HDMI switch box out to an HDMI/Optical splitter, then run HDMI cable to the projector and optical to a PlayBar mounted by the screen. Just a lot of cables to traverse the span of the room, and less than ideal for this space.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I'm comforted by the knowledge that Sonos offers a 45-day return policy hassle free, but want to be pretty clear about the above possibilities before taking the plunge.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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2 replies

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Personally for budget home cinema I would seriously consider looking at something like this... no worries out audio formats not playing and add a Sonos Connect if you wanted streaming music.
Thanks, Belly. I think you might be right as I don't think the Sonos technology is quite there yet for this kind of arrangement with projector. I've asked Sonos directly via two sales representatives and an email to their support team and have been given vague but wary responses or none at all. Another system such as the Onkyo you referenced might be the most reliable way to route HDMI through without risking loss of image or sound or some other complication like sound delay.

But, if anyone else has had luck with something like what I initially wrote... I'm all ears!