Apple TV mute function on Sonos Beam

  • 27 December 2021
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Hi, I have scoured the internet, and this forum, to find our why I can’t get my Beam to mute using my Apple TV remote. It controls the volume up and down just fine but when I press mute it mutes for half a second and then doesn’t stay muted. 

I have seen similar threads on this forum but they either have not answered my question or have been closed without a response. 

This is a second gen Sonos Beam, a third gen Apple TV 4K (the one with the new aluminum remote with mute button), and a Samsung Q80T. Thanks!

2 replies

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Have you tried the steps mentioned in this thread?


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I have. The Sonos app is paired with my Samsung remote and works fine. However, on Apple TV (which worked fine for all volume controls before) the mute button doesn’t work. Volume up and down work fine.