apple tv as controller, please

  • 19 February 2013
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port your IOS controller onto Apple TV, please; allowing display of controller's album art onto a large flat panel

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5 replies

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Would love to see this too! Just this weekend I was trying to get a full screen Pandora and never succeeded.
I too would LOVE to see this, but until the Apple TV has an API and an app store, it'll never happen— even if SONOS wanted to. Apple has airplay and itunes; while not really a direct competitor to SONOS, they would not likely add functionality to their box that duplicates what they do. I might encourage SONOS to build a controller app for Roku boxes, the XBOX One and Playstation game systems. If there's enough traction, Apple would be inclined to let it on their box (which is where I would ultimately want it).
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As sort-of an offshoot of this idea, there's another idea that has been floating around for just showing what is playing via AirPlay... where you can use Airplay (or Airplay with screen mirroring, as one user recently discovered) to display what you're listening to on your TV.

Use Airplay to show Sonos Now Playing info on Apple TV

It wouldn't give you control of Sonos, but would at least give a visual of what's being played.
Looks like this is back on the table! If Sonos doesn't build one officially, i may just be tempted to jump in myself, considering there ARE third party apps available already.
Visualizing what's playing on any of my Sonos devices via AppleTV running the TunesMap app on a 40" monitor. Can also start/stop/skip with the AppleTV remote, and delve into lots of photos, articles, videos, related artists, etc.