Any way to disable arc for music only only use the bonded amp speakers?

  • 7 May 2021
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I have an arc and bonded amp surround speakers. Works well for movies but I would prefer to only have the amp surround speakers playing full music. I don’t like the way the arc sounds with music. Can Sonos please add an option to disable arc during music playback so the amp can be the only speakers for music? Otherwise the system works well with TV.


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I don’t think there is.

Not sure if the settings in the App are the same when using an Amp to drive the surround speakers, but have you tried setting the Music Playback to Full and the Music level to +15 in the Surround Audio menu?

I find that with these settings, I barely notice the sound coming from the Arc when listening to music through my Fives which are bonded as surrounds.