Any TV-sets that will transcode to Dolby Digital?

  • 20 October 2018
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Simple question:

Are there any tv-sets that will transcode all audio to Dolby Digital?

I have several Sonos 5.1 systems throughout my household, including a Playbar, a Playbase, a Playbeam plus sub and surround-speakers.

I have a Samsung BD Player that transcode any audio to DD 5.1 and my Apple TV does the same which generally my issues with DTS and Dolby Digital Plus on these systems.

However, my Chromecast can't do the same trick - meaning that I only get stereo on Netflix via the Chromecast - and in the future I might have the same issue with other devices and other audioformats not being supported.

My Xbox One has an HDMI-input and can also transcode to DD 5.1. So by plugging in a Chromecast to the Xbox One I am actually able to get DD 5.1 via Netflix. Unfortunately, having the Xbox running to passthrough the Chromecast-signal is not an elegant solution.

Thus it would be a much simpler solution, if my TV could simply transcode any audio-input to DD 5.1 as the Xbox does.

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I’ve never seen one advertised with this kind of feature.
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3 replies

Heh. Probably not. And I'd actually be interested in what "spike" of sales the BD players/Xboxes get due to this kind of featyre. I'd suspect it's single digits, or even lower. As you say, probably not widely needed outside of this (or perhaps similar) communities.
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I’ve never seen one advertised with this kind of feature.

Me netiher. But on the other hand, I don't really see BD players, Xbox, etc. with this feature making a huge deal of it, so I figured some of the more potent TV-sets might have it anyway. My guess is that this is probably not a highly requested feature outside the Sonos-comunity...
I’ve never seen one advertised with this kind of feature.