Any likelihood of being able to have a device to create any number of atmos speakers? 9.3.6?

  • 19 March 2023
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I really like the aesthetic of the speakers and would like to great a surrounding room of speakers with them.

I would like to also use a mix of speakers including the picture frame and light models with the IKEA collab.

I would Ideally like a 9.3.6 setup.

3 subwoofers… one of the bigger one and two of the smaller ones at the rear of the sofa.

Then the wall speakers for the celling.

The thing is, I do understand there will be now speaker timing added to this so I was thinking maybe they could bring out a unit one day that allows a user to connect whatever setup they have and include a multi direction microphone to tune a timing alignment setting to the setup.

Because also, Atmos music in the producer community is starting to rise, we will eventually end up with Atmos music mixes as a standard at some point.

Food for thought Sonus?

I’m a producer and mix engineer myself also… any plans of studio monitors?… (side note that isn’t that important)

3 replies

Seems unlikely, given Sonos’ apparent target market. You’d probably need to look at much higher end manufacturers to supply that kind of thing.

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A big part of Sonos’ brand is providing speakers that sound great but also have a small footprint so they blend into your home decor. That’s a big reason why they sell sound bars and use upward- and side-firing drivers to create a more immersive audio experience rather than relying on more speakers. Sonos allowing their customers to add multiple speakers all over their living room including mounting speakers on the ceiling goes against their brand. So what you are asking for is highly unlikely.

I doubt that SONOS will go for this. Given the legions of users that think their Bluetooth speakers are the greatest thing ever, it’s clear that convenience and simplicity rule. I don’t think that there are enough potential customers to justify the effort for SONOS to develop this. Simply comparing the annual sales of SONOS with long time, more traditional high end audio companies, adds data to my convenience claim. SONOS sales are growing, traditional audio sales seem stagnant. Companies are being absorbed.

I’m also noticing more and more listeners migrating to in the ear speakers. Using a pinna transform the ear speakers can give a full 3D rendering to the listener and skip the nasty room issues.