annoying tv message when turning volume up or down

  • 8 April 2013
  • 6 replies

i have a samsung tv and when i turn the volume up or down from my tv remote "not available in current mode " appears on tv. the sonos set up said this may occur but i cant turn it off. ive been through the tv menu and turned everything off.

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6 replies

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Hello, That message is coming from the TV letting you know the speakers are off. The TV is seeing the request to turn up or down the volume and its letting you know the speakers are not in use. This message is not from SONOS has no video access to the TV so you will not see a SONOS message on the actual TV with this setup. Please see the attached SONOS answer on how to work around getting that message using a universal remote or the TV remote. Answer Title: Eliminating annoying messages on your TV with your Cable, TV, or Set Top Box Remote Answer Link: Answer Title: Eliminating Annoying Messages on your TV when Using a Universal Remote Answer Link:
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I am also experiencing annoying messages on my Samsung PN51D550C1F. The two links are not found. Why not?
found a work around that works if someone is looking for this solution. You have to go into the Samsung feature menu (assuming current Samsung LED tv) go to System , then Device manager, then universal remote set up. the wizard will start. Select your existing connection (mine was Comcast on HDMI 1), then select, Use External Speakers,  Sonos is not listed as an option so just select Sony. Once you do this the Samsung now recognizes that you are controlling the external speakers and the annoying pop up notice stops!
there was a post on an external site that explained how to get the Samsung TVs to stop with the annoying pop up message. This worked for me. Might be useful to others with newer Samsungs.
My TV has no 'device manager', It's only 4-5 years old. Any other suggestions to rid of the annoying message?
Have you tried contacting the TV manufacturer for assistance?