Amp home theater

  • 24 March 2019
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I was thinking about buying an amp(newest model) and 2 sonos ones. But my question is if I can build a 4.1 system. Using the amp and 2 passive speakers as the front speakers and the sonos ones as the rear speakers. Will this work?

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7 replies

Yes you can certainly do that, although without a Sub it's a 4:0 system, with a phantom centre channel making it 'sort of' 5:0.
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phantom centre?
The Amp sends the centre channel signal to both L and R front speakers equally.
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okay thanks for the quick answers, is it worth doing this or should i just go with playbar, sub and 2 ones?
It will all depend on your room space/geometry and listening requirements.
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I have a relativley big room, a budget around 1500-2000$ and I prefer to do something with the amp, I just have to get one and was wondering if this is what I should use it for
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Hey what have you done? I'd like to know your results. My story is different but arriving to same destination. We bought the amp to listen to stereo music and it is on his way to become the house home cinema. Be aware the famous Phantom channel works but you have to make sure your passive speakers are in the right position. Hence your listeners should be in between the two channels. I am just going forward ahead because our listening position is ideal. Regarding the quality, I am able to answer. It is different, a Playbar or beam sounds like a projector creating an unreal stage for its size, but having used my Amp to listen to Dolby with just two speakers achieved surprising results. It is like there is a cinema at my home between my two monitor audio Bronze. What Hi FI prize it and I can only agree.