Amazon Prime Video - surround compatibility

  • 4 December 2017
  • 6 replies

Can it work?

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6 replies

Depends. What is the source of this Amazon Prime Video? What device are you playing it on? What Sonos device is connected to the device you're playing it on, and how is it connected?
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Yes, but needs some tweaking. The Amazon Fire TV doesn't have an optical out, so you have to go through the TV and hope that it passes a 5.1 signal out of it. Most smart TVs have Amazon Prime built in, and that too can pass a 5.1 signal to your Sonos equipment.
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For those with an Apple TV, Prime Video is now available.
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It depends, as stated.

Works for me on my TiVo / Playbar. Of course I had to hack my Samsung TV to get 5.1 out from optical.
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I just read that the Prime Video app on Apple TV isn't supporting 5.1 as of right now, as an FYI.
I am using an ultrawide monitor (144hz refresh rate). I prefer the 21:9 ratio to watch movies and play PC games.
*I have ordered a Blue ray player from the list on the forum which has it's own operating system and that is known to be able to output Dolby digital from the optical out. I will try to use the amazon app from the Blue ray player to the screen, where the optical out is connected to the blue ray player. (Result will follow for those interested)
* I have ordered a sound card for my desktop (sound blaster z) which is known to be able to decode DTS to dolby digital live for other video. There is a known input lag time there; but I will try to sync the video output from the graphics card with the sound output soundcard. (Result will follow for those interested)

In both cases, I will go directly from the source to SONOS without the TV pass through. This might be an interesting solution for those who hardly watch TV, but stream everything.