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  • 27 December 2016
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I have sonos system Connect-AMP wired to four Yamaha ceiling speakers. I want to buy Theatre sound system to our TV. What I gathered that I need to buy sound bar to connect to the TV. I also understand that SONOS Playbar is the most comparable system so I can: 1- Listen to TV sound through playbar as well as our 4 ceiling speakers. 2- Play SONOS Music on both existing speakers and new sound bar.
So my question: What are the alternatives to SONOS Playbar? I can see many cheaper but good quality sound bars , but what I don't know is their connectivity to SONOS System and whether they can replace sonos PLaybar. Anyone can give me an advice please? Trying to catch up on Christmas sale!

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2 replies

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The Playbar is the only way to get surround sound for your TV through Sonos, and the best way to get TV audio into your Sonos system, even if surround sound isn't desired (it has lower latency than using an analog line-in connection on the Play:5 speaker, Connect, or Connect:Amp).

Soundbars by other manufacturers won't be able to properly integrate with Sonos, other than buying a Sonos Connect and hooking it up to the soundbar (which gets you music from Sonos through the soundbar, but will have the already mentioned delay when connecting TV audio to the Connect's Line In, if the TV even has an analog output).
I gather playbar would be the best fit for my system. Many thanks