Airplay 2: DD 5.1 format supported by Sonos 5.1 system?

Hello everyone,

I would need your help, please! I was wondering if the Dolby Digital 5.1 format is supported by my Sonos Home Theater system. I stream Netflix content from my Apple TV 4th gen, video sent to a video projector via HDMI and send the audio to my Sonos via AirPlay 2.
I have 1 playbase, sub and 2 Sonos 1, grouped all together and the 2 Sonos 1 configured as surround speakers.

I want to be sure that I really cover DD5.1 format and not just stereo, I try to find info about that but no success.

anyone knows if this format is supported? And how to be sure that I send 5.1 to my Sonos speakers? Is it on the Apple TV or Sonos app setup?

thanks in advance for your help and advices!


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If your Apple TV has an optical output, yes, I’d think so. I’d think there were settings on the Apple TV to direct the appropriate output to the optical out. Unfortunately, neither of my Apple TV’s have optical, so I’m unable to check this. 

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I connect my video devices to my projector with a single HDMI (via a switch) and then use the optical audio out to the Playbar and it works fine.


I did look at the specs of your projector and did NOT see an optical out so do check that!