Adding Sonos during Renovation/Addition - Advice & Best Practices Requested

  • 8 June 2022
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Hi All-

New to Sonos and we are currently in the process of renovating and expanding our house and looking for the best setup to get what we’re looking for. 

A few notes before getting into the details:

  • Planning on using a Samsung Frame TV
  • Use YouTubeTV, not a traditional cable provider
  • Would like to avoid a sound bar for aesthetic purposes 
  • Want to ensure that TV audio is easy to hear
  • Looking for audio in 2 (Family Room/Kitchen and Dining Room), potentially 3 (Family Room/Kitchen, Dining Room+ Living Room), rooms
  • Dimensions of rooms are: Family Room/Kitchen - 16’ x 27’; Dining Room - ~ 11’ x 12’ 6” and Living Room - ~12’ x 13’

I would appreciate advice on how the best way to set this up is; I’ve provided our floor-plan with my initial thoughts on how this should be done as well as what Sonos products I am thinking from my research, but would like confirmation that this is the best way to do so and will function properly.

Below is our floor-plan and I’ve denoted (proposed) speaker location with circles and (proposed) amp locations (2 options) with rectangles.

Proposed equipment:

  • 2 Sonos Amps (I have them shown in two proposed locations, either behind TV/above fireplace or in a storage close in hallway - I believe these should be near the TV so I can wire into the TV with HDMI Arc, correct?). 
  • 4 Sonance in-ceiling speakers for Family Room/Kitchen
  • 2 Sonance in-ceiling speakers for Dining Room (given room size, is 1 speaker only needed?)
  • 2 Sonance in-ceiling speakers for Living Room (given room size, is 1 speaker only needed?)



  • Is there any reason to do in-wall speakers for the speakers closest to the fireplace in Family Room/Kitchen?  (Will that help with TV dialogue compared to in-ceiling speakers?)
  • The Family Room/Kitchen will always be on the same audio (or TV audio) so will wire those 4 speakers to AMP1
  • The Dining Room and Living Room will always be on the same audio, but may be different or the same as the Family Room/Kitchen audio; so these will be wired to AMP2.  Can I set it up so AMP1 and AMP2 play the same audio so all 8 speakers are the same audio?
  • Is there anything else I am missing, should be focused on?

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