Adding Non-Sonos Speakers to Beam/Sub/Ones Home Theatre setup

  • 15 June 2019
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Have a Beam, Sub and 2 Ones as rear surrounds in my home theatre setup.

The Beam's really not cutting it compared to having two floor standing speakers as front left and rights, especially when just listening to music.

I'd like to add 2 decent floor standing speakers. Am I right in thinking the only way of integrating them into the setup for music playback is via a Sonos Connect?

Also, can I integrate them into the existing Home Theatre speaker group as front left and right along with the Beam?

Thanks in advance.

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1 reply

I wouldn't have considered a Beam, their smallest soundbar, for a home theater setup. While the Beam wasn't available when I made the choice, I'd still have gone with a PLAYBAR, despite the slightly older technology. But perhaps your room is much smaller than I think of when I think of a home theater setup.

If you want to keep a separate amp to drive those floor standing speakers, then yes, a CONNECT would get the Sonos environment passed to that amp. Or, you could get a Sonos Amp, which might be able to power those speakers as well.

However, no, those speakers can not be integrated as left and right speakers...with a caveat.

All Sonos soundbars already have left, center and right speakers built in to them. There's no way to separate out the left and right, and have the soundbar be just the center.

However, the Sonos Amp can be used to drive a front left and right speaker in a Home Theater system, but you lose the ability to have a physical center channel, instead the Sonos Amp creates a "phantom" center channel by using the left and right speakers.