Addiing Amp for Surround to Arc/Sub Setup

  • 27 November 2021
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I have the following situation.

I am in a house with Eero Pro mesh network (total of 4 units, so good coverage).

My Arc and Sub are connected to Wifi and have been working with a surround setup well in the past.

The house came with built in-wall speakers that I would like to connect as surround speakers to the set up.  The TV/speakers are on the 2nd floor, but the cables of the built-in wall speakers go all the way to the basement.

The Amp worked without a problem independently.  Hower, when I tried to add the Amp as surrounds to the setup, I got the error message “There was a problem adding your surrounds. Check the network connection and make sure your products are powered on”. 

I have the suspicion that the issue is as follows:  The Arc wants to connect via a direct Wifi connection to the Amp, but the Amp is too far away and therefore out of reach to create the connection.

Would it help if I tried to run my Sonos setup on SonosNet instead of Wifi (I have 8 devices, so should get ample coverage) or would that not a difference (ie would the Arc still try to create a direct Wifi connection to the Amp)?  Note that I could connect at least 4 of the devices via Ethernet to my router (including the Amp), but I don’t have Ethernet near to my Arc nor my Sub.

Thanks for your help!



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4 replies

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The Arc will still need to communicate directly with the Amp wirelessly, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it with your speakers on SonosNet to see if it makes a difference. If you can find a way to terminate the speaker wire so the Amp can be stored on the 2nd floor with the Arc, this would be the best option.

Thanks. I will give it a try with SonosNet, but I am not that optimistic. The connection between my Arc and my Sub shows as “WM: 2” (while SonosNet shows as “WM: 0” and wifi as “WM: 1”). So the surround setup seems separate from SonosNet. 

The previous owner of my house installed the built-in wall speakers, so not sure where the cables are running. 


Maybe I return the amp and get 2 Sonos Ones as surround speakers. Would be cheaper than the Amp, but aesthetically less pleasing (and a waste of an unused pair of built-in wall speakers…). 

You have analysed the situation correctly. My one pedantic quibble would be that the direct communication between the Arc and Amp is wireless but not WiFi - your WiFi isn't involved.

WM=2 just means "bonded as surround in a system that is in WiFi mode". If you were to put your system into SonosNet mode this would change to WM=0, but would not change the nature of the connection between Arc and Amp.

Thanks for the confirmation!! Very clear and helpful.