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  • 1 March 2022
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Hello everyoneI have a question for you,I have a sonos system so composed,1 Beam + 2 symfonisk x the tv (which I called living room),2 Play sl to listen to music (which I called multimedia). I would like to add the subwoofer but to use it mainly with music (almost never for videos) is it possible to do so?Because I saw in the app thatthe sub addition is only possible for the living room and not for the multimedia area.I thank you in advance.Maurizio

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8 replies

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Yes, you can add a Sub to the two One SLs in the “multimedia” room. The Sub cannot be bonded to both the “living room” and “multimedia” room at the same time. You must bond the Sub to one room or the other.

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Thank you very much Guitarso I will have to install it in the living room (see photo) with connect sub,

but to move it to multimedia what should I do?

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Under System, select the “Multimedia” room and select Add Sub (Connetti Sub).

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was what I thought but in the app, there is no add sub


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Have you set up the Sub in the Sonos app yet?

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No,:-) I still have to buy it, first I wanted to make sure my idea worked
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No,:-) I still have to buy it, first I wanted to make sure my idea worked

When you add a Sub to your Sonos system, you will be given an option to assign it to your “multimedia” room.

The Sonos app only shows the ‘Add Sub’ option for soundbars, not single speakers or stereo pairs, but it is possible to use a Sub outside a home theatre setup.

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thank you so much,you have been very kindregards