5.1 when playing movies from external hard drive?

  • 18 July 2022
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Hi all,


I recently got an Arc and paired it with a pair of Ones in my living room. I can get 5.1 when using Netflix or Apple TV+ from my Amazon fire stick.

However when I connect an external hard drive to play downloaded movies I can only get PCM stereo. My TV is a 65 inch Xiaomi 4X.  Is there anyway to get 5.1 when playing movies off an external hard drive?

it’s the same story with my PS5 - can’t seem to get 5.1 no matter what I try. 

I guess it’s possible it’s my tv and maybe I’ll invest in a Fury Arcana.  


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2 replies

Have you tried perhaps switching the audio format between LPCM and Bitstream, or vice versa, (on the PS5 sound out settings) to see if that may make any difference. It may depend on what the movie file audio is encoded in?

I figured out how to get 5.1 from my downloaded movies - use plex.  It works very very well. There was a tiny issue with the audio being out of sync but I just changed that in the audio settings on the fire stick. 

haven’t played around with the PS5 yet but I’ll give your suggestions a go.