5.1 System + Sonos Amp + B&W Speakers, working simultaneously ?

  • 17 September 2023
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I have Sonos 5.1 system (Beam Gen1 + 2 Play ones and Mini Sub) in my living room, planning to get Sonos amp to hook up with my B&W 606 S2. I am wondering, Is it possible for them to work simultaneously ? Is any delay while they are playing music ?

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4 replies

The AMP and B&W’s cannot be incorporated as part of the surround system, but they could be played as a Grouped Room for music. Grouped Rooms playing music are synchronized.

Would there be any delay from Amp+ B&W pls ?

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As @buzz says for music playing grouped rooms will be in sync.if you group the amp with the beam while watching TV etc then the amp will have a delay.

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