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  • 2 January 2018
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Hello gang. I am a long time SONOS user and love the system. i am up to 4 Play 1 speakers now and recently got the play base. I connected the base up to the TV and it's working perfectly - thank you SONOS. I am turning 2 of the speakers into rear surround sound for the playbase but my question is regarding my existing sub. I already have an amplifier with a nice sub. How can i link my existing sub to the system? i don't want to shell out $700 on a sub when i already have one. I was looking at the connect but some posts i read say it's NOT possible. Since the posts i found are a bit dated i rather ask and see if there some new updates to solving this issue. Thank you in advance.

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13 replies

Hi there, greyes96. Thanks for posting, I am happy to clear up any confusion. You are correct, the CONNECT cannot be used to bring a 3rd party subwoofer directly into Sonos. This is because the CONNECT does not have an amplifier built in. However, since you have an amplifier already feeding the subwoofer, you could add the CONNECT as an input to your amplifier and the let the amp feed the subwoofer as it would with any other input.
hi Keith, i have a similar issue as greyes96. i got a crazy good deal on a connect amp. will i be able to use my existing sub (polk with a built in amp) with my playbase as a part of 5.1. in other words would greyes96 problem be solved if he were to purchase a connect:amp?
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No - unfortunately the Connect:Amp can be used to power 2 rear speakers in a 5.1 system but it can't be used as the LFE channel. It was developed well before the playbar and the Subwoofer output is only a crossover from the right/left channels. They don't have an independent link they can send true lfe .1 channel to hardware wise.
Thanks Chris. Currently my sub is working fine with my sonos speakers for listening to music. I have it grouped with (2) paired play5's and (2) paired play1's. Since my only need for the Sonos sub would be 5.1, i guess i need to figure out if it's worth it. What are your thoughts?
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My thoughts - the Sonos sub is a hit to the wallet .... but it is one heck of a good sub. The sub and playbar make a great pair. I recently actually finally put all 5.1 of the speakers in one room (I had the sub and playbar but never put the 2 play:1s in for rears). They are good rear wise but for music in the room (wow the Playbar, play:1s, sub, can fill a room with music - with Play:1s set to full stereo mode).
Can I get some clarification on using th Sonos connect (no amp) with a non Sonos subwoofer. My subwoofer has its own amp built in and uses the low level output on my current receiver. My understanding that I would still need a receiver to connect the subwoofer even though it does not use the power, correct? My subwoofer also has speaker level inputs (left and right) which do not use use the subwoofer amp. Would the connect amp would with this setup?
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The Connect does not have a Sub output so you need a receiver to split out the low frequencies to be sent to the Sub as well as amplifying the music being sent to your full range speakers. Other options are possible using a crossover to split the frequencies and a straight amplifier for the full range speakers but most folks don't want the additional hassle of getting it all working together and go with the receiver option. You could also use the straight amplifier and use the speaker level connections on your sub.

The Connect Amp does have a sub output in addition to the speaker outputs. Using the sub output to your self powered sub will leave all the Connect Amps power available for your full range speakers, using the speaker level outputs to drive the sub may (depending on your sub's design) cut into the available power and probably isn't a great idea.
Mine works with a Sony power sub which I have connected to the connect amp makes sure you turn on auto play volume in the room settings otherwise it won’t work. Although you can’t beat the real deal I have the Sonos sub in the tv room, awesome , but couldn’t buy 2.
Hope this helps
Thanks for the answers in this thread but my question seems to be related but different.

If I have a Beam attached to my TV, Two Sono's 1's (but not in surround mode), and a Sonos Connect so I am able to use my wired speakers as well, if I hook my wired Klipsch sub to my receiver will it work?
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You have a non-sonos receiver. Why wouldn't you be able to hook a Klipsh sub to that receiver if it has an LFE out.
I have sonos amps and wired speakers throughout my home but would like more bass in my great room. Can this Klipsch Reference R-10SWi be added to the newer sonos amp wirelessly? I have 4 wired speakers in my ceiling wired to the sonos amp and want to add a cost-effective sub. If this Klipsch won't work, what will besides Sonos subs? Does the sonos amp provide enough power for my 4 speakers and a sub?
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