1x Sonos Beam + 4x Ikea Symfonisk???

  • 10 July 2022
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I currently have the Beam + 2 Ikea Symfonisk bookshelves speakers. The Beam placed in front and the two Symfonisk in the back. 

However, I’m interested in more sound in the front as not everything I watch onTV is with proper surround sound and then the Beam is a little «weak» sounding all alone. So I was thinking adding two Symfonisk in front as they are cheap and produce good enough sound for this use. 

Would this work? Beam + 2x Symfonisk taking care of the sounds in front and supporting the Beam in stereo broadcasts and 2x Symfonisk in the back as the rear surround speakers?


Thanx in advance for any reply and help!


Best answer by jgatie 10 July 2022, 03:24

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No.  It isn't possible to add front individual left and right speakers.