14.2 update - now no surround sound

My surrounds have stopped working over the past few days and I have removed and re-added them but still not working. I have an Arc, Sub and a connect amp connecting 2 surrounds. All are S2 using 14.2. If I set up connect as separate zone all sounds plays fine through my surround speakers, so I know amp is working. When I reconnect them as surrounds Sonos adds them ok and connect Amp can control volume of Arc no problem but no sound coming from surrounds when playing music in full or ambient mode. I have tried to toggle surrounds on and off. I have also tried trueplay tuning but when it starts it says some speakers appear to be missing. 

Is there a way to roll back to version 14.11, and has anyone else experienced this issue since the update 4 days ago?






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Hi.  I assume you mean 14.12 not 14.2?  Have you updated both the app and the system?  (You can do a ‘check for updates’ to make sure.)  There is no point in winding back, even if you could, because this is highly unlikely to be a generic problem in the software.

Sometimes, when the speakers reboot as part of the update, a router may get confused over IP addresses.  The first thing to try would be to remove the surrounds from the Arc, power off your router and all Sonos devices, then power router fully back on before powering up the Sonos devices.

Thanks John yes I meant 14.12 . I will try the reboot in the order you have said but everything already looks connected correctly and my connect amp controls main arc sound ok. All appear to be ok IP wise and all have the same build version

Your system appears to be in “wireless” (WiFi) setup mode, i.e. without a wired Sonos component. For Connect:Amp to drive surrounds the system has to be in “wired” mode, with a wired connection between the C:A and the master home theatre device (i.e. your Arc).

Hi Ratty thanks for the reply. My connect amp is set to wifi disabled. I have the connect amp wired to router. The Arc is set up as wifi. It was working fine for months. It’s literally been the last few days it stopped. I see the connection info says it has to be wired to the arc aswell, perhaps that has changed as that wasn’t what I had before. I had tested that with wired from arc to connect and to router with Ethernet and it does work, but that’s not what I had before and is a pain as my arc has all wiring plastered into wall so now I have an ugly Ethernet cable hanging down the wall. 

The rules haven’t changed, ever since the option to use the Connect:Amp for surrounds was first introduced. 

The C:A lacks a 5GHz radio, so is unable to make a low-latency direct wireless connection to the Arc. It must therefore use a wired path, as 2.4GHz can’t be relied upon to deliver low latency owing to overcrowding in the band. 

As there has to be a wired path between the C:A and the Arc, the system must be in wired (SonosNet) mode WM:0. Your Arc was showing WM:1.

You have to have the Arc and the Connect:Amp wired to the router OR the Arc wired to the C:A and be in Boost mode. Boost mode can be achieved by wiring the Arc or another Sonos device to the router.

You should not have the C:A as the only wired device.

Ok appreciate the info, just very strange that I had been  using the arc wirelessly with the connect amp since I got it 3 months ago with no issues. I guess I’ll have to dig my plasterwork out again.





You say strange. I say inconceivable!

You might have simply got lucky, in that the latency for the roundabout trip Arc→2.4GHz WiFi → router → wire → C:A somehow managed to stay within bounds.

Alternatively Sonos might have taken steps in 14.12 to disable such an unsupportable arrangement. 

There is an alternative to digging out the plaster. Trade up the C:A and replace it with an Amp. The C:A should get you a 15% discount.

And you can still sell on the C:A.

And you can still sell on the C:A.

Yep, But be a responsible seller and state that the trade-up discount has already been claimed. 

I am having the same issue as the original poster but I have an Amp not connect:amp. Does the wiring still matter? Everything worked fine for months and months until it just stopped and the amp connected speakers work fine standalone just not as surround sound with my Arc. Here is the setup



You don’t need a wired connection to the Amp,

Is there any other wireless device close to the Arc or Amp?

I also have a connect:amp sitting next to it for a different zone, but again that hasn’t changed at all recently (it’s possible the software update to 14.12 happened in the background I didn’t notice and somehow changed things)? I have tried rebooting most everything but hasn’t helped so far.

The Connect:Amp doesn’t appear in the screenshot.

Try moving it a bit further away from the Amp, ideally 50cm or more. 

I also have a sub in living room setup and that’s working fine. Here is the whole system



I also tried turning off the connect:amp to see if it was interference but that didn’t change anything. Also tried the usual rebooting of everything including router but no luck either. 

Same issue here. Am at the end of my tether with it and thinking about just selling it

“Same Issue”​ just doesn’t provide enough actionable data. I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network. And it may not prove to be the “same issue” at all. 


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I have just sent the following letter to Patrick Spence, President and CEO, SONOS, Santa Barbara, CA: “Short and directly to the point!  Your firm’s software upgrade to 14.12 has made my ARC + Gen 3 + two (2) SL Ones impossible to listen to.  You have turned a wonderful system into a Yugo.  Many of your customers are experiencing the same problem.  One has recommended a class action lawsuit. Suggestion: read their comments on the Sonos community forum.”   Unless they fix this problem ASAP, the company cannot stay in business.  No one who has heard my system with the 14.12 upgrade would ever buy a Sonos product.