No sound on right side of headphones

  • 23 June 2024
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Is anyone else having issues with no sound coming from one side of their headphones. I have only had these for less then 3 weeks and I have tried everything and I cannot get sound to play out of the right side of the headphones.

4 replies

I’ve had mine 1 week and I’ve lost sound on the left side!

Yes no sound on the left now

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Hi @bjason78 et all

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your Ace headphones. We first recommend trying a restart of your headphones, and also make sure your headphones are up to date:

Restarting Sonos Ace

  1. Disconnect Sonos Ace from any USB-C cable connections.
  2. On the left ear cup, press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button for about 3 seconds. Sonos Ace will play a power-off tone and the status light will turn off.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button for about 3 seconds to turn Sonos Ace back on.

And if that does not help, please try resetting them:

Resetting Sonos Ace

  1. Sonos Ace will need a powered USB-C connection during part of the reset process. Get a USB-C cable ready by connecting it to a power source, like a laptop or a wall adapter, but don’t connect it to Sonos Ace yet.
  2. Make sure your Sonos Ace is powered on.
  3. Press and hold the power button on Sonos Ace, then immediately plug the USB-C cable into the USB-C port on the left ear cup.
  4. Continue holding the power button until Sonos Ace’s status light flashes white, about 7 seconds.
  5. After the status light flashes white, unplug the USB-C cable from Sonos Ace and release the power button.

If, however, neither of these processes help, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.


I hope this helps. 

Yes rebooting them fixed it, but there is a bug which needs fixing