Youtube TV commands not working on Sonos Move

  • 3 October 2019
  • 3 replies

I just purchased a number of Sonos products (Move, Playbar, Boost, Symfonisk) and replaced one of my Google Home Mini's in my kitchen with the Sonos Move. When I try to give the Google Assistant Command "Play ABC 12 on Youtube TV" or "Play ESPN on Youtube TV" the Google Assistant replies with, "I'm Sorry, I can't find ABC 12 on youtube tv, or that channel is currently not available".

If I give the same command to my google home mini, or my google nest hub, it works fine. There are other google voice commands (such as turn off a light, or play pandora radio) that seem to work fine on the Sonos Move. I contacted Google and they said that it is a Sonos issue as the commands work fine with other products (home mini, google app, nest hub), just not the Sonos Move.

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3 replies

I have this exact same problem and a similar post....wondering if you found a solution l....very frustrating 

I’m having the same exact issue. Has anyone figured this out?

The Google Assistant on Sonos products is not a full blown Assistant, so not all assistant features are supported. The Sonos One is a Google Assistant “enabled” device, in the same way that all the Amazon Alexa features are not fully supported.

Things are mostly geared towards the ‘playback and control of music’ on the Sonos devices and perhaps in time, more features may (or may not) get added. At least that’s my own personal understanding of the current Sonos Google/Alexa Voice Assistant’s capabilities.