Youtube Music with Google Assistant

  • 12 June 2020
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I couldn't find an answer to my problem so trying to get help here. I have a YouTube Premium subscription and using Google Assistant on my Sonos device. While I can play music from Youtube Music just fine through the Sonos App, I cannot with Google Assistant. I have selected YouTube as default music provider in the Google Home app, and whenever I ask Google Assistant on my Sonos One to play music, it responds “I can't do that here but you can ask me to play on one of your other devices”. I assume that Assistant thinks I want to play a video and expects a screen to play it. Any thoughts how I can make it work?

2 replies

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Hi @Chris_Muc,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thanks for sharing your experience with us,


I would like to suggest the following guides and tips to help you out.

  • Also, try to sign out all Google related apps on your mobile device so we can eliminate account mis-match. There might be a possibility there are multiple Gmail accounts signed in on your mobile phone then, we can remove and re-add Google assistant on the Sonos app.
  • Here is the link on how to remove Google Assistant on the Sonos app. 
  • Also, here is the link on how to set up Google Assistant on the Sonos app. 
  • Try playing music again through voice command and see how it goes.

If the issue still persists, please submit a diagnostic (here’s how) so we can further check what is going on and proceed with other guides and troubleshooting steps.




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The Google Assistant integration is broken - in particular with Google Play Music / You Tube Music. See some of the other threads about this. 

I can ask Google Assistant to play The Beatles and it works but it won’t play Jimi Hendrix. There is also an issue with Google Assistant and TuneIn stations (lots of problems with BBC - read those threads)

This has been ongoing for some time with no resolution from SONOS. 

Apparently they are aware of it - read some of my recent posts for my testing of it.