YouTube Music stops playing after one song - can it continue or is that still not available?

  • 24 July 2023
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Hi all

I just purchased a Sonos Move and I've been asking for a song via voice to play on YT music premium.

Eg. OK Google, play Pearl Jam - Alive.


This plays the song no problems however once the song finishes the music just stops.  Can the Sonos keep playing other random similar music like my Google Home mini does.


Is there some kind of setting to enable or Sonos doesn't do this natively?  I’ve seen a topic 2 years ago but there was no resolution in there.


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3 replies

What happens if you don’t specify one song? Google, play Pearl Jam? 

If I do the above, it will start playing Pearl Jam and I can say “OK Google, next song” and it does proceed to the next song.


So the issue is with just asking for a single song.  I understand that via the app once you have asked for a single song by voice, you can press “Start Radio”.  It sounds like ideally if you request a single song by voice, by default it plays it and also starts radio so it keeps playing.

Seems to me that some people would want that, an a roughly equal number would not.