When will google assistant "night mode" be supported by Sonos devices?

  • 16 March 2020
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So google home devices like the hub and the mini’s have a night mode where on a schedule it will use a chime to reply to you instead of a voice reply… we like this… only it only works on the all the google assistant devices except the Sonos devices that have google assistant on them.

So what is the deal with this?  When will this minor (yet desirable) feature finally be supported?  I thought the last update would fix it but it doesn’t… this is a simple feature that apparently people want… so what are you waiting for?


Thanks for any info!


4 replies

What synchronicity! I was just looking for this feature for my Sonos Ones as well! Please support Night Mode!


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I cannot seem to find any other topics on this issue? Although I can imagine it’s a big issue for a lot of people. It is for me. Any news/updates on this?

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Greetings folks,

I understand this feature is currently unavailable for Google Assistant on Sonos, but we do not have any timeline to share on when or if these changes will be made. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience.

We'll go ahead and internally share a request for these features with our development team.


Thanks again,


Sebastien we have been submitting feedback for this for over a year non stop. Every single thing you tell the google assistant it repeats at full volume ad nauseam.  If I say play songs by “any artist” - it repeats this incredibly long, completely unnecessary string of words: Ok playing songs by, on YouTube music, in the den.” There has got to be a way to just have it chime. You do it with your Alexa integration, and Siri does it too. I have gone round in circles between Sonos and Google. Sonos points to google and swears it’s on their end. Google points to Sonos and swears it’s on your end. So where does that leave us?