When can we expect to use Apple Music on Sonos via Google Assistant?

  • 4 February 2022
  • 1 reply

I’ve seen a few questions on this subject, but they all appear to be at least a year old.

I just specifically purchased a One SL and paired it to a Google Nest Hub Max so I could use voice commands for Apple Music, but even that doesn’t work.

Is there a timeline for fixing this?

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1 reply

Only the initial starting of AM playback doesn’t work - if you manually load your AM playlist/album/tracks to your Sonos One SL queue, you should be able to pause/play/stop/skip-forward/backwards and adjust the volume with the Google assistant.

There has never been any announcement from Apple/Google/Sonos that the playback of the AM service using Google VA will ever be put in place for Sonos devices, but we all hope this might happen some day.🤞


I no longer personally use Apple Music, but have switched to Amazon Music instead & the Alexa Assistant, so it’s not too important to myself, but I would certainly recommend that anyone wanting this feature, should perhaps also make Apple and Google aware of their request. Then if there is enough demand, perhaps the corporations will all come together to provide these services for their customers.