Voice Match in GA

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This is really a dissapointment. Family of 4 here. I really want my personal agenda when I ask for it, not that of other family members …

Hope for support of this soon.

Man. I’ve paid over €800 for a system with an incomplete voice assistent? That’s a bummer. Please. Please enable this feature.

I would also like to add my voice! I use my sonos with my bf, sister, mom and stepdad and I would like for them not to have acces to my calendar etc!

Same here, family of 4. Big dissapointment not to be able to use voice match in GA.. Fix this please!

+1 for voice match. We have Control4 in our houses and use GA. Got my kids speakers to thier rooms for X-mas. Play ones. Theo where so hyped for GA, my kids hate Sonos now. 

+1 for voice match.


I LOVE my Sonos Move but this extra feature would make it even more awesome.



Voice recognition is a must have feature for such an expensive system that is supposed to support a household! Please fix this ASAP!