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Hi all,

If I am not mistaken, Voice Match doesn't seem to work on the Sonos One. Is Sonos thinking of implementing it?


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Hi dabitbol

Voice Match is governed by Amazon as is the Alexa Assistant. In short Amazon has decided what features of Alexa can be incorporated in a Sonos product. Sonos cannot flip a switch or send out an update to turn on Voice Match (at least not at this time). So that said it could come in a future update; but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

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I was talking about the Google Assistant Voice Match.
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Sorry, I glossed over the GA you in your post. However the same applies regarding your question.

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While I can't share any specifics on if it may happen, I'll pass along the request to the team that you're looking for the feature. Our team does work closely with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant teams as well, so feedback about features that are missing and requested are always welcome.
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@Ryan S

Thanks for stepping in on this!

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Lately Google Assistant on my Sonos One seems to think I'm saying "Talk" when I say "Stop", and responds "I'd love to chat!" instead of stopping what it's playing, although the two words seem nothing alike to me. Maybe voice match specific to the Sonos One would help. 🙂
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I wanted to add my vote to getting Voice match added for the Google assistant. It's a great feature. And means better access to your own services and music. It's the reason I use Google assistant around the house. And to be honest part of the reason of getting the Sonos one and beam.
I would like to add my support for the voice match features for the Sonos, as it is a security concern as anybody within the house will have access to the data of the Google account linked to.

If voice match was implemented then, for example, my voice would allow access to my calendar and the wife's voice would allow access to her calendar, and anybody else that tries would get no response or limited to public information.

@Ryan S
Please advise if there is a timescale for the implementation of this feature now?

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Hi sunnyd24, there's no timeline at the moment as we haven't confirmed if this feature can be added, or under development. I'm happy to add your voice to the request to the team though.
Hi Ryan S, That would be great to add my request for the feature to the team. Much appreciated, I look forward to seeing an update for this.

Hi, just adding my voice to how crucial this is for anyone not living alone! A bit disappointed that it comes without voice match support. Hopefully it will be made available in an update soon. 


This is a “must have” feature in a family household! Please add my name to the request =)

I would love to see this feature too.  Alexa is a little better because it does recognize voices, but it only allows 2 adults to use the system.  I have 3 children that love music even more than my wife and I, and I want them to be able to play music from their own libraries.

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+1 my family members are not using the assistant on Sonos for that reason, instead they are using Google home devices to play music from their own library.


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There’s no point in asking Sonos anything about future updates as you’ll always get the same answer:

‘we’re not telling you’


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Well this is a major disappointment.

Got a 1500 euro Sonos setup and it's outperformed by my 35 euro Google home mini, who can actually distinguish all family members and use the correct Spotify account.

I was looking for an all in one solution, now I have to disable ga on Sonos again and reinstall the mini.

How can you develop a speaker system clearly targeted and used in a family living room, without the support for a family??

I just joined the Sonos club. Having GA was one of the main feature that made me chose Sonos over other options, yet due to this limitation I can not use it! What a disappointment! Please fix this ASAP!



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Major disappointment here too when i found out that voice match isn't enabled in sonos speakers! I did a lot of research before buying my latest speakers but this lack of feature never crossed my mind!


Voice match is such an important thing when you want to control your smart devices and stream your own playlists for example.


Please fix this! This is not acceptable!

Very disappointed that such a crucial function of Google assistent is not supported. Only useful when there is 1 person in the household. Difference in possibility to understand  what you mean between Google Home and Sonos One is bigger than i expected 

I just bought two Sonos Ones entirely because it said it works with GA.  I had no idea it only kinda works with GA.  I have a family of four and without the ability for my daughter to play her music off of her Spotify account without effecting my Spotify data this is useless.

It's sad because the sound is amazing and I am forced to return them.  I spent a couple hours trying to setup Voice Match before finding out that Sonos does not support it.

With no commitment as to whether you ever will have such support I have to return them.  I suggest Sonos market their smart devices to single people only 

Same from my side. Its extremely disappointing to invest in Sonos speakers only to then find out that they do not support Voice match, cannot be grouped with Google Home products, etc. Please improve quickly on this Sonos or you ll have more customers churning. 

Same here. Family of four each with a separate Spotify account. Not being able to distinguish between persons makes the GA feature in the Sonos quite useless. My Spotify account get polluted with everyone's different taste in music 

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Until now I have added 3 Sonos Move just to have the same setup while travelling as at home - but Google Assistent without Voice Match is not a selling point - no matter how good the sound and other specs are - it’s usability that sells the product.

Ill add my voice and those of my friends who also have a Sonos system to support the request of more elaborate Google assistant features like voice match.


Also I like to add the request for enabling multiple mics in surround setups. And qaudraphonic sound during news broadcasts and the like.  Now it's just on the left speaker in a stereo setup. Please update the stereo accessibility.