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  • 13 November 2021
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Yet another question about the availability of Google Assistant in Finland - but please bear with me. 

My mother tongue is Swedish (and every Finn learns Swedish, as it is our second official language). According to this support page, Google Assistant is available in Swedish through Sonos. So why wouldn’t this feature be available for all native Swedish speakers in Finland? 

It feels like an arbitrary restriction that just as well could be lifted for all Finns - most of us speak English as well, so even if you wouldn’t support the largest language here, it would still be beneficial to all Sonos users.

Even if this was impossible, the frequent pop-up in the app to activate a voice assistant should be removed in all locations where this is not possible - currently if feels like you are showing your customers the middle finger.


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1 reply

If you (re)search and look in the various community threads here, there are sometimes requests made for voice assistant services on Sonos in a few different countries .. here is one example that I quickly found where the user was asking for Alexa in Brazil …

Anyhow, as you may see, the Staff almost always explain in their replies that the ‘deciding party’ to do these things are either Amazon, or Google in your particular case here.

So it may help your cause, if you also write to Google Support aswell, to request their voice assistant services on Sonos devices in Finland. The Sonos Staff here by the way normally read these requests and by all accounts, pass them back to the Google team that they’re working with too.

Also, If you know of others who want the service in your country, I would perhaps ask them to fire off their requests to Google and Sonos too. HTH