There's a bug with google assistant on sonos and playing tunein stations.

  • 19 May 2019
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almost 50% of the stations that i ask google assistant to play on the sonos won't play and i will get this error. google assistant says:

sorry it looks like the requested content isn't currently available on tunein.
This is not true. these stations work when i use the sonos app to play. furthermore, these stations work when my friends use google home to play the same stations i want to play.
so basically, when i ask google assistant to play these stations for me i get that error but if i use the sonos app it will play the stations.

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5 replies

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I get this error for stations hosted on and not TuneIn. My best guess is that Google Assistant looks for these stations on TuneIn, doesn’t find them, and returns the error message. This is disappointing because my Google Home Mini plays stations with no problem, and the stations are available in the Sonos app.
I have the same issue. If I use GA to try and play on the Sonos it says "content isn't currently available on tunein". If I use GA to play on my chromecast it works fine.
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I have the same problem with a station that definitely is on TuneIn, so there's obviously more than one underlying cause for this problem.

What I did as a workaround for my favorite stations that won't play via GA on the Sonos is to add them as Favorites in the Sonos app, then create an IFTTT applet to play that Favorite on Sonos when I ask GA for that specific station.
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Same here. Alexa plays them fine.
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There is a known problem with some tunein stations not playing to sonos.
Kisstory is one of them, plays on phone via GA, but when kitchen sonos is added as target is does not play.