The state and the transparency of Sonos regarding Google Assistant is just embarrassing by now.

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Moderator Note: Google Assistant is now available on Sonos. See here for more information.

It is just embarrassing that a company of the size of Sonos is incapable of delivering a damn voice assistant integration. Something dozens of other manufacturers, way smaller than Sonos, already managed OVER A YEAR AGO. Sonos charges more for their product, yet is not capable to actually giving us a reliable timeline. They are not giving us updates since November (and that demo in January) and literally treat their customers the worst. By the time they roll out Google Assistant I hope most people have moved on from this incapable brand. At least their share price reflects their commitment.

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OK well just to close our my part of this thread, Sonos release GA integration for Australia yesterday and I'm overall happy with the way it works.

Sonos actually kept their promise in this update by saying they would deliver this by July and it was the start of the month!

While I still believe Sonos owes its customers a genuine apology for this taking so ridiculously long to deliver, I am happy that I can finally use the product the way I had planned to.