Sonos + Xbox One + Chromecast w/ Google TV + Google Assistant + old Sharp TV= El Dorado

  • 22 October 2020
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I have finally, after a year of searching and trial and error found the city of gold. 

Issue #1 No HDMI ARC

Solution #1 Digital Optical Adapter

Issue #2 old Sharp TVs don't process digital to digital through HDMI ports. Only TV input playing through Sonos. 

Solution #2 Therefore had to run Digital Optical into XBOX One rather than TV

Issue #3 Now only Xbox One is playing Sonos sound. What about other hdmi devices?

Solution #3 Run cable box or Chromecast with Google TV through HDMI IN on XBOX One and use one guide app

Issue #4 Lost capabilities of using Google Assistant with Chromecast

Solution #4 Enable voice assistant and power options on Xbox following these directions-

How sweet it is...


1 reply

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