Sonos x Google assistant x Apple Music

  • 17 July 2021
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Im writing to start a discussion on the current state of the integration between Apple music, x Sonos and google assistant and the effects on the Sonos service.

Ive gone to considerable effort and expense over the last year converting to Apple Music from Spotify, partly with an understanding Apple music works with sonos.

Sonos also has Google Assistant integration. But these three things inexplicably will not work together, even though all services support one another.

I feel like ive been really patient with this issue. For Sonos’ (and Apple, google’s) users, most will believe they are stupid, because they’ve set their products up wrong, or, that the sonos service doesnt work properly. They will not go to the lengths ive gone to to figure out its probably a business dispute.

Its incredibly frustrating as a user that what seems to be a dispute between two or three of you, means we feel stupid, and our promised service experience remains broken. 

So I ask you all to get round the table and fix this, or at least be alot more transparent about the state of your integration so others dont invest so much effort only to find things are broken.

Im interested to know how others feel about this, and any work arounds so I can ask for some music to be played, and it be played. Like I was promised. 





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1 reply

I don’t know where such things were ‘promised’, but perhaps the sharing agreement was just  between Apple and Google to set the Apple Music service as the default music service in the Home App and on Google devices, without sharing the voice-control service with 3rd-party Sonos speakers?

Maybe Apple will go onto deal ‘direct’ with Sonos instead and perhaps offer Siri, in addition to the Apple Music service for use with Sonos devices… er perhaps🤔?

These companies never announce their development roadmap anyway, so it’s a case of ‘just wait and see’ for us all.

I would just ‘bite the bullet’ and enable your old Spotify account for the time being and run that alongside Apple Music for a few months, at least that should fulfill most of your needs for the time being.