Sonos One (gen 2) : Multiple issues with Google Assistant

  • 14 July 2020
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i have replaced my SONOS play:1 with a SONOS One to get acces to Google Assistant commands.

After a succesful setup and adding my Google Assistant in the SONOS app and adding my Google Play Music premium account I though I was set. But apparantly there are major issues:

  1. The ‘OK Google’ Command works. After that, 95% of the commands stop working. The microphone just blinks ad thats it. I found a topic about that where a SONOS employee answered that it would be fixed and in a timely matter. This a thread of 4 months (!!!) ago. Is there ANY update on this (No Alexa or another speaker is not a option for me). How is this still an issue?
    Link to thread:
  2. When I use a music command that got accepted (very rarely) this happens:
    ‘Play number X by artist X’ 
    Answer ‘Ok playing song X by artist X on Google Play Music’ I’m sorry, I cannot help you with this’ 
    Why is this? I have heard that it should be a Google Account problem. I have someone else asking it with another account and there the response is :
    ‘ I cannot play this on this device, but I can on any other device’. 
    I have tried it on a nest mini speaker: Works like a charm. 
    I paid alot of money to have this functionality on a speaker I expect it to work.
  3. It isn’t possible play music from a Google Play Playlist? Or to Shuffle my playlist? I get responses that it it not possile to do that? Again why is that? Is there a fix for this?

I did not read the reviews after I bought the speaker and I have seen that there are multiple issues with this, so I would expect this is on the short roadmap to be fixed?
Any help or feedback is appreciated.





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Hi @TomVandege.

Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed post.


When issues like this spring up, the more information we can gather will help us resolve the problem. 

We've been receiving reports that when issuing a command to Google Assistant via a Sonos One Gen 2, they get no audible response.

  • Kindly check if the issue you’re experiencing matches the above symptom.
  • To reproduce, please try the simplest command that appears to fail is "ok google, what time is it? " 
  • Observe the speaker processing the command and then no audible response.
  • Then, go to and check the corresponding activity if you will see an “unknown voice command” in the activity.
  • Please let me know the result, it will help me identify the issue and provide the appropriate resolution.


Voice assistants on Sonos devices are currently only able to play music from online music services that are compatible with the service. 

Your playlists are a mystery to the voice assistant as everything there takes place in the cloud, with no knowledge of what you have at home.

So far, Spotify is currently the only music service supporting this feature ( Plays created and curated playlist on Spotify via Google Assistant).

I think this feature would be very useful and I would be happy to pass this through the pipelines within Sonos as a feature request. 


I am looking forward to assisting you further from here.
If you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.